Rachel Gaunt, Life and Executive Coaching


"Rachel's coaching has not only gotten me through very difficult times, it has enriched my whole life. When I have a session with Rachel I feel as if I finally get in touch with and feel my Self, and suddenly my energy shifts and I see opportunity in every situation. Working with her is pure joy."
Katherine Dreyer, CEO ChiLiving, Inc.

"Rachel Gaunt has been incredibly helpful and insightful. She has the amazing ability to stay focused and zero in on the real issue. She has helped me clear away the clutter so that I may move forward and take life-changing action."
Barbara Rose

"When I began my relationship with Rachel, I was headed into an assignment that I knew intuitively wasn't right for me; rationally, however, it made all the sense in the world. Rachel helped me to see clearly... what was right for me and what was wrong. What I really wanted, and what I felt obligated to do. Her creative and imaginative techniques, as well as her wonderfully supportive personality, allowed me to visualize my future without any self-imposed limitations. Today, I've made radical changes... a new job, a new country, a new adventure. I believe that with Rachel's help, I made it happen. As they say, be careful what you wish for..."

"Rachel thank you so much for the inspiration you put back in my life. I was really accepting and ready to take on failure and you made me believe in myself again and my whole life turned around and shot up. I'm now doing what I didn't think I was able to again and am in demand for the first time in along time. I have the ability to pick and choose whatever path I feel like following to achieve my utmost life and future. Your coaching pushed me to be who I wanted to be again and was instrumental in my success. Thank you so much!!!"
John Richardson

"What Rachel does feels less like "coaching" and more like alchemy."

Contact Info: You can reach Rachel via email, or via phone at 415-381-8208.

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