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"Working with Rachel has been instrumental in my leadership development. Through her nurturing and supportive approach, I’ve increased my self-awareness, particularly in appreciating my own strengths and also understanding the blind-spots and perspectives that have previously been deterrents to my growth. She’s helped me make important changes and I’ve been able to see the positive impact on my staff and professional relationships."
Patrice Martin IDEO.org, Co-Lead and Creative Director

"Rachel's coaching has not only gotten me through very difficult times, it has enriched my whole life. When I have a session with Rachel I feel as if I finally get in touch with and feel my Self, and suddenly my energy shifts and I see opportunity in every situation. Working with her is pure joy."
Katherine Dreyer, CEO ChiLiving, Inc.

"Rachel Gaunt has been incredibly helpful and insightful. She has the amazing ability to stay focused and zero in on the real issue. She has helped me clear away the clutter so that I may move forward and take life-changing action."
Barbara Rose

"When I began my relationship with Rachel, I was headed into an assignment that I knew intuitively wasn't right for me; rationally, however, it made all the sense in the world. Rachel helped me to see clearly... what was right for me and what was wrong. What I really wanted, and what I felt obligated to do. Her creative and imaginative techniques, as well as her wonderfully supportive personality, allowed me to visualize my future without any self-imposed limitations. Today, I've made radical changes... a new job, a new country, a new adventure. I believe that with Rachel's help, I made it happen. As they say, be careful what you wish for..."

"I would recommend your work to anyone - individuals or groups interested in making focused, intentional change. As you know, I began the group very "stuck" about career. I had dreams and desires for what I wanted to make happen but could not unlock the internal obstacles - fear of others' disapproval, fear of failure, etc. However, between the exercises you gave us to do at each meeting, listening to the experience of others in the group and your one-to-one coaching during the group, the obstacles began to soften their hold. Eventually I was able to step outside of my fear, commit to what I wanted to create with my work life and take concrete action. I am so excited and relieved to be moving forward at last! This pattern - from stuckness to movement - happened with every person in the group. I found that amazing. Thank you for your good work."
Lisa Zimmerman

"Working with Rachel is a gift of the highest order that I give myself. I benefit each and every session form her guidance, insight, abiding presence and loving strength. She helps me see what I cannot yet see on my own. She helps me ask the questions I have yet to hear. And she extends a strong hand as she invites me to take my next steps that help me be a fuller expression of my own potential.

Rachel embodies an open heart, real life-wisdom, and a genuine desire to support her clients in their respective journeys. She is gifted--and yes, a gift to each of us fortunate enough to work with her."
Diane Tompkins

"Without exaggeration or embellishment, I can honestly say that Rachel Gaunt significantly altered my life in the best of ways. It is because of her that I am on the path of starting my own business with confidence and conviction. It would have taken me years (if ever) to reach the place a few months of her work has brought me. I am incredibly grateful for her insight. I am realizing my business dreams because of her."
Juiie NB

"The beauty of working with Rachel -- besides the joy and fun she brings to coaching -- is that she enables me to tap into the wisdom that already exists deep down inside me to solve my own problems and direct my own life from a place of deep authenticity. Through her gentle questions and creative exercises, Rachel helps me shut out any negative voices that may be overshadowing my thinking, and then move on to vision each part of my life with confidence and creativity. No matter how I am feeling at the beginning of a coaching call with Rachel, by the end I am energized, excited and in love with my own life and the vast potential she helps me access. I can say that through working with Rachel, I am finally living my life authentically, and making decisions on a daily basis that reflect who I really am."
Dana Childers

"Working with Rachel was very rewarding. I was at a crossroads with my career and wasn't sure what my next step should be. With Rachel's guidance I clarified the things that were most important to me, enabling me to make decisions from a more solid foundation. She also equipped me with tools that I use nearly every day as I face new questions. Rachel is warm, insightful, and empathetic, and I highly recommend her."

"You helped us invent new solutions to problems we thought were intractable, and imagine new possibilities — for us as individuals and for our company. It was money well spent and a surprisingly satisfying process and outcome. Thank you."
Jennie Winton and Zach Hochstadt, Founding Partners, Mission Minded

"When I started working with Rachel I could barely talk about my career goals without panicking. She helped me to identify my values and my skills. Now with her help, I am building a career that truly fulfill my needs and allows me to contribute my unique talents."
Nellie Abernathy

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!

For leading me down the path I was always meant to be on. For shining a light on who I am so I can see myself more clearly. For genuinely caring about me!

We have worked together over the last 7+ months and it has been an amazing ride! You've opened me up to parts of me I didn't know existed. It has truly been an unfurling! You've been honest and sincere with me, you've been flexible and welcoming and you've been a treasure trove of further resources and ideas that I will use for many years to come. It has been an investment in me that was just waiting to happen. I wonder now why I waited so long. I can't thank you enough!!"
Andy Narracott

"What Rachel does feels less like "coaching" and more like alchemy. Whether she's guiding you through a visualization, reading your psyche, navigating your astrology or trouncing your gremlin, hers is an arsenal the likes of which I've never experienced. Even in my 30 some years of self-exploration. Perhaps because Rachel doesn't swear allegiance to any of these things, none of them own her, they are merely arrows in her quiver. And like any true artist, Rachel knows just how and just when to apply them. Her voice alone is like a psychic hug and while empathy abounds with Rachel, she is also tough as nails -- demonstrating true unswerving strength to keep you on your path. I must say, hers is an uncanny mix of empath, channeler, confidante, and drill sergeant. Her enormous bandwidth ensures that there is nothing she cannot help you grasp."

"Thanks for all your support. It has been amazing to work with you! You have opened my eyes for many things including my tendency to say it won’t work. Now, the monsters are out of the bag and I just have to keep pushing them aside. I know something will happen for me. I am working towards it..

Thanks again for a very supportive and transformative experience."

Contact Info: You can reach Rachel via email, or via phone at 415-669-9667.

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