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Rachel GauntCombining 20 years of advertising, social activism and public speaking, Rachel's wide-ranging background gives her insight into a wide variety of backgrounds and life experience. From the corporate boardroom, to the podium, to the hiking trail (with her two young children and disobedient dog), Rachel has covered the board.

Rachel started her career in London at Young and Rubicam, one of the world's leading advertising agencies, where she managed brands such as Procter and Gamble, Heinz, Cadburys, and Colgate Palmolive. In 1990 Saatchi and Saatchi Advertising in San Francisco approached Rachel to manage Hewlett Packard, their largest piece of business worldwide. Within three years she was made Management Director and a Member of the Executive Board.

Disillusioned with mainstream advertising, in 1994 Rachel and two partners founded Ozone Advertising, a company committed to producing socially responsible communication, or as she puts it, "ads that matter". Working with clients such as The Center to Prevent Handgun Violence, The San Francisco Council on Homelessness, The Names Project (Aids Quilt) and the San Francisco Food Bank, Ozone produced effective award-winning work for their clients, passionate in their desire to bring non-profits the depth of thinking and creativity enjoyed by big business.

Rachel is a renowned National speaker. Her most well known work is "Badvertising. Advertising's distorted image of Women." In this speech she demonstrates how to deconstruct negative body-related messages in the media, and provides useful tools to help young women in particular build esteem and a positive body image. She is a regular contributor on TV and radio interviews on the subject of media and body image.

With a BA in English and American Arts from Exeter University England, Rachel also has a Masters Degree, having studied with Matthew Fox at The Naropa Institute in Oakland where among other things she explored Feminist Spirituality, Voluntary Simplicity and the Re-invention of Work. Rachel has always been an active member of her community, helping to set up a Breast Cancer charity in England, working at the Marin Aids project as an emotional support volunteer, and serving on the board of two non-profits, The Just Think Foundation, and The Girls to Women Foundation.

CTI trained, Rachel also brings 20 years of personal inquiry and growth to her coaching, with yoga, meditation and study as an ongoing practice. Rachel lives in Mill Valley with her husband Frank and their two children Nathaniel and Sebastian.

Contact Info: You can reach Rachel via email, or via phone at 415-669-9667.

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